Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Dedication of "The Inspired Life" Book

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When my publisher asked for my book dedication, I didn't have to think long and hard about fact, I didn't have to think at all.

I recalled this vivid memory...

His name was called, Mr. Mike Martin he stood and began to walk toward the host ... He was in a cheerful yellow shirt and he used a wheeled-walker.  Slowly and carefully, he made his way to the podium step by step.    

Mike has cerebral palsy and struggles physically and verbally.  It is his night to give a speech to the Oak Hill Toastmasters Club in Austin, Texas.

It is his night to shine. And shine he does!

He speaks slowly and enunciates each word carefully.

He is mentally sharp, and a very intelligent man. His speech describes what it is like to reside in an ‘assisted living’ facility, and the ensuing emotions that arise within himself and the other residents.

He has a clever way with words and quite the witty sense of humor. He weaves his story with the classic underdog story of  ‘David and Goliath’.

He is an avid writer, and an active Toastmaster, which is where we met in mid-2015. We became good friends and I would have lunch with him on Thursdays at the Assisted Living Center.

He has touched my heart in so many ways, and brought so much joy to my life. His favorite song is ”Climb Every Mountain”, and is is the epitome of the song.

He doesn’t let cerebral palsy stop him. He’s a college graduate and has goals far beyond his intensive physical therapy. He’s writing a novel and wants to publish his work, and continue giving speeches.  I have no doubt that he will achieve his aspirations.

His struggles do not obstruct him but propel him forward. I respect and admire him tremendously.  He is a role model and an inspiration to many besides myself. 

Pamalita and Mike

He chooses to be positive, with a grateful attitude, he's a beacon of hope for all of us.

It is with great pride that I dedicate my first book, “The Inspired Life”, to my incredible friend, Mr. Michael D. Martin.  His favorite song is "Climb every mountain" and he is an absolute inspiration to all that he meets. 



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