Saturday, August 01, 2015

Overcoming The Social Media Blues Through Nature

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Does social media ever make you feel over loaded, over stimulated, or just plain burnt out?  It happened to me this past week. Even as a Lifestyle Speaker, the hours of work I put in had finally affected me as well...  

It was all too much; my mind was seemingly wrapped up in a systemic fog of pings, photos and postings.  Frankly, my creativity was flat and foggy … and being a ‘creative-type’ that is not cool, nope ... not cool at all.

Now, I love my Facebook friends, my FB groups and I especially love being able to connect with those who live out of town, out of state, and out of the USA.  Yet, my world has morphed into people that text you, or send you a message via social media, post funny videos and share their life updates, express their opinions all online.  I get it, that’s just how busy all of our lives have become. But you know what?   I would really like a plain old-fashioned phone call to catch up now and again…

I came to the conclusion I needed a break from the endless maze of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Periscope, Google hangouts, etc. etc. etc.  I felt as though my appreciation and awareness of the present moment was slowly seeping away…and being replaced solely by the electronic world.

I decided to ‘get off the grid, and ‘go underground’…YES, just like that!  And guess what, the sun still rises each day, the world still turns, society continues to exist; and all the social media sites are still intact and running smoothly without my participation.  My absence affected no one but me and I’m all good.

So the question lends to itself, and not just for me, but for everyone.  Essentially, do we ever stop working, turn off our electronics and go into the mindset of vacation-mode?  Do we go somewhere peaceful, enjoy a walk in the woods, explore the beauty of the painted desert, or observe an eagle soaring high in the sky?  Do we appreciate that which is so stunningly beautiful?  Rather than remaining blissfully unaware of the beautiful nature around us, we need to take time to re-connect and appreciate the things our holy Mother Earth has provided.


Taking the time to stand back, pull back and get back into myself has heightened my creativity.  My body, my mind, my spirit, and my soul has responded with a calm, peaceful, easy feeling; ahhh – and it’s so nice.  I thought what if I could have more fun, more time, more freedom, more expectations of vacations.  I thought about what if I could have more financial freedom.  I asked myself how I could have a lifestyle that was not all work, all the time.

The solution has come to me, and I would like to share that with you…but only if you want to have more fun, have more time and have more finances available for your lifestyle transformation…then simply CALL ME.   

Lastly; let this poem inspire you, and motivate you towards that goal.  Ask yourself, exactly what am I waiting for?

“The beauty of the trees,  the softness of the air,  the fragrance of the grass,  speaks to me.  The summit of the mountain,  the thunder of the sky,  the rhythm of the sea,  speaks to me.  The strength of the fire,  the taste of salmon,  the trail of the sun,  and the life that never goes away,  they speak to me.  And my heart soars."      Chief Dan George


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